"Every problem on Earth can be solved by the application of propellant to a bullet that sends it in a proper direction."

Ancient Chinese proverb



A President guilty of high treason.

A soldier from the future, sent to deliver justice.

America of the 22nd century is ravaged by the Finnegan Plague that turns people into brutal, infected monsters hungry for human flesh. Teams of snipers are responsible for picking off the Changed Ones from extreme distances. Despite their best efforts, humanity is dying out. In a last-ditch effort, Tyler Waterston, an elite Core Defense sniper, travels back in time nearly a century on an impossible mission: take out the two people most responsible for letting the Plague loose—President Jeremiah Finnegan and his VP, Pamela Morrison—at an event in Troy, Michigan, from 3,200 meters out. Tyler needs to put a cold bore .408 caliber CheyTac bullet through Finnegan’s thorax, and then eviscerate Morrison with a second bullet, before her Secret Service detail has time to react. The survival of the human race depends on him making those impossible shots in rapid succession.

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